Windows RSYNC with Public Key Authentication (PKA) for GLUA
After following this guide, you will (hopefully) have a working rsync server implemented and setup to use with the GLUA build service. The screenshots below are grabbed from Windows Server 2003
In order to follow this guide properly you need to have the following requirements down.
A Windows install (preferrably server) setup and ready with some webserver, be it IIS or Apache.
An implementation of the openSSH server for windows, with its own standalone cygwin install. More Information and Download
An rsync server for windows that depends on an SSH implementation0, which in this case will be using CopSSH More Information and Download
Account Creation
Create an account on the server, log into it once.
The screenshots are a rough estimation of what should be done here (YMMV)
Install CopSSH & cwRsync
These are your standard installers. Install CopSSH and then cwRsync. Note where the apps are installed to. (by default to: "C:\Program Files\ICW") If a window that looks like below comes up during the cwrsync install. press cancel.
Activate User
For a user to be able to login to ssh and use it as the carrier for rsync, the user must be "activated" in copSSH: activate1
This bit vvv isn't entirely relevant for the task at hand. Fill it with the appropriate information activate1
Import the GLUA pubkey
Locate the .pub file that contains the public key for GLUA
Go to the install folder\home\glua\.ssh and find your authorized_keys file
Open up your authorized_keys file in the editor of your choice, and paste the line from the .pub file so that it looks somewhat like below.
Securing CopSSH
By the default windows ACLs given above (as of Win 2k3) the CopSSH user can read filesystem files, but not write. This can be potentially problematic. This Link has the commands necessary to setup the proper acls, and to symlink the webdir to the COPSSH root,this link is useful.
After following this guide, you should be able to run a Windows based GLUA mirror quite nicely. Any questions should be sent to This Email